Do you have client requirements?

Since Instagram automation took a hit and trust scores have become more important, do you have certain criteria for the accounts of potential clients?

I personally didn’t have any as I only just started and wanted to build my clientele. However now things are more established, I was thinking of restricting clients who could jeopardize proxies / cause me way more stress than needed.

Maybe requirements like -
Account must be older than 1 month
At least 10 posts already
Must be posting at least once a week

In most cases, those with freshly made accounts aren’t looking for a growth agency. I just ask potential clients about past experiences (1 month) with growth agencies and follow/unfollow. Don’t want to start working on their account just to get hit with 6000/30 block within 3 days.


I do keep a weekly/monthly phone meeting, first of all to have some retention on them, and to always advice them what to do, how much they should post, if their content are going well etc.
I also send them a report on which sources work the most , the ones that didn’t for them to understand to which audience they are related to and stuff !

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Yeah I understand that. That’s a good question to add,
Recently had one new client where the account is about 5 days old, no followers, 1 post. Part of me wants to tell them to come back in a months time, the stress that account would give me, I don’t want any part of it.

I would just take as many clients as possible, if they don’t post once a week or have a few posts already the worst thing that could happen is they will cancel after their first month while you still pocket the money for that month.

Not really sure how would they jeopardize the proxies unless they were using another bot at the same time which is unlikely and even then I dont think it would affect your proxy, but If you are still concerned about your proxy you could just use a lower quality one for these accounts (high proxies or sslprivateproxy.

this clients will work as fine as aged clients, jeopardize your proxy? for real?
I recommend you to get as many as you can and get some experience instead of being so picky (without any real motive behind).


I agree that would be a typical case, but unfortunately I’m offering my services on Fiverr right now, which means clients that get poor results can claim their money back. Fiverr favours the customer so badly, that I could do an insane job and they’d still be able to get they’re money back, this is why I was thinking of being more selective with who I work with, as aged accounts are more likely to respond better (i.e less blocks) so would more likely produce happier clients.

It’s not being picky for no reason, I’m using Fiverr which means clients leave ratings on your work. Therefore it makes sense to work with accounts that will respond better and won’t get as many blocks.
In terms of jeopardizing proxies, do you not believe that a spammy account running off one 4G proxy will increase the chances of Instagram detecting a pattern between other accounts on that proxy running automation. Why would I want to run an account that would leave a negative footprint that other accounts are running off?

let us use your Christal ball please LOL. Unless you run illegal stuff acc, there is not such a thing like “acc that won’t get as many blocks”

NO it will not detect a pattern and affect the others, especially if your 4G IP rotates, also if you are afraid of that then use IPv4 and problems solved, in any case still not sure what you consider spammy (one thing is fresh acc, other thing spam porn DM to followers - for example)

So you think that two accounts, one 3 years old, heavily posted on, high engagement rate and more used to interactions will respond the same as an account 2 days old with no posts, no followers and no engagement?

Do you not know about the trust scores?

no, I don’t know I been here since yesterday.

I’m sure you will get many (SO MANY!) paying clients with an:

God damn. Go get some clients instead of asking stupid questions here.

okay sure thing pal x