Do you interact with your followers?

Anyone here that has real accounts in different niches and is interacting with their followers?I recently started an account,guided more towards women,and the response has been incredible.I am getting messages and nice comments,but i personaly have no inclination to this particular niche and ofc i dont own any of the pictures i use.
Do you guys respond to DM/COMMENTS?

I do, but it usually ends quickly. Probably bots or fake engagement. I’ve had almost no luck with it on my real account. Maybe when it gets bigger, but I doubt it.

There’s just too much automation (ironic, right?) interfering with real human interaction. Just wish there was a way to get those real people involved but not having an easy time doing so, even leaving real comments on what appear to be peoples pages who don’t use anything but it’s either a simple ‘like’ or a generic reply-all ‘thank you’ to 5 comments at a time, with no sincere effort from them.

What I gather from that, is that all these other people are used to bot spam and just gave up caring about real responses and just do it to save face and appear like they care, but simply just want more attention.

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I guess that would be heaven for a stay at home mom with a small store wanting to sell her made at home stuff or things like that :slight_smile: Interaction is great when you’re into sales and id you’re inclined to do it.

i build 7 accounts to be “big dogs” or authority accounts in different niche so i go through the comments and dm’s . ignore the bots(easy to noticed) but always answer query’s from your prospects/audience !
If you r in to building big accounts and realy want your audience to listen you have to connect with them . dont leave them hanging without respond.
that is what i do with my accounts- focus on good daily content, building relationships with my audience, create trust and when they get to critical follower mass i start my promotions/lead getting stuff.
but in mass accounts+xpa there is no reason to invest the time in this area . its useless !!

Maybe I Will start a journey post here for the white-hat users in this great forum .
cheers Issac

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Good idea, do it fast as there’s only a couple of hours left to participate in the giveaway :slight_smile:

haha. i’m about to just to give to this great forum.
automation is biased by nature to more black hat users/mass accounts user, and i find MP to be heaven to those who want to build big niche accounts for present/future promotions.

I have a few main accounts which I have a big interest in which I reply to comments, and DM’s.

As for the majority of the accounts I manage, I do not interact in the way of comments or replies. Instead I configure MP to like the pictures of my followers :slight_smile:

Although its always good to reply to comments and DM’s since it build a better relationship with your followers, its nearly impossible to do when you have many accounts.