Do you know how to achieve this reporting system?

I just find this reporting system and I think it’s pretty cool for clients. Do you know how to achieve this?

usr: test
pwd: test


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Layout is great, I’d remove/change the “targeting performance” section.

Is this your website? :slight_smile:

Nope, I don’t have a clue on how to create something like this.

tbh for me it looks like a scam website. It should be more ‘clean’. Some Pictures are low resolution. And the logo can be from 1990.

No offense

I also thought the same.
But use the credentials supplied and you’ll find a nice looking reporting system.

If you are using MP I think it’s very complicated to integrate all the information that this system allegedly provides.

Not gonna lie, that backend is pretty awesome :heart_eyes:

Is a custom solution, isn’t a plugin so you will need some programmer :slight_smile:

That looks pretty cool wow

I found it from a Fiverr seller. You can see his service here:

What do you think?

The platform they use to grow accounts called Stimsocial ( and this reporting dashboard is not a custom solution, you can get the same connected to your stimsocial profile if you have a WordPress site and $200 monthly to pay for it. If you need more information hit me a PM I’ll give you the contact of stimsocial admin and you can offer it there. Their prices aren’t cheap btw.

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