Do you like your on pictures?

hii friends i see a lots of people (big pages and promotion pages) that they like they own pictures

do you do it ?
did you think its can help promotion the post ?
maybe its can help increase the impression?

and if its help so what about also saving your own post ?


Buying likes is a billion dollar industry…

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my friend i think you don’t understand my
i don’t speak about buying likes
i explain it again…

im asking if you posting something
you give it a like from the same account that posting it ? ( meaning the you like your own post )


He means liking your own posts

I don’t really think it has any value but well, i hadn’t test it

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I always do it but I don’t think it has an impact

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All you’ll be doing is openly proclaiming to people that you’re a narcissist.

I think that 1 like it does not change anything, so it does not even bother to give it.

It’s just the guilty pleasure :smiley: nothing to judge about the act. But nothing changes by doing so. I don’t think IG takes their engagement in to account

Like they say, you need to know how to love yourself first.

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so i don’t understand why a big pages that have 500+ likes
like they own post :thinking:

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:flushed: Answers: