Do you listen to music while "working"?


So i have been experimenting a lot with work and music!

There are different types of music i listen to at different times.

1 Psytrance & Psybient

2 Hip-hop and rap

3 Binaural beats

one of my fav sets

do try them guys the psybient and focus based music also works great.

Basically that is how i do online marketing


No music, only work! Best


Battle music from



Just a good mood, so why not


Recent listening habits… music is always on.


straight up trap music and westcoast hip hop. imma hustler at heart. same songs i would ride around makin moves


Everything you hear on this album has been done by one person: Daron Malakian, who is the guitarist at System Of A Down.


Thanks for sharing!
I would usually listen to anything instrumental. Words can sometimes lower my concentration haha.


Just saw this =-- hell, I used to but once the coffee/monster starts to kick in and the music starts…I seem to get up and start dancing…

Silence now…lmao


Hans Zimmer and Zack Hemsey are pretty amazing for Work :wink:


Thanks, I found another alternative to my jazz music!


Yes I know a good few djs so they post their sets up on mixcloud and i pop my headphones in and work love it, really helps me get in the zone


This guy is really djing for 12 hours, love him


Insane stuff. Any A&R want to hire him?


I actually just tested this out and it’s been amazing. It’s like caffeine boost but stable for like 2-3 hours. Plus their meditation track is great too, if you haven’t been doing it for a while (or never).


Travis Scott or Kings Kross!


Lo fi hip hop YouTube stream


Lane 8, Ben Bohmer

check them out on YouTube you wont regret it :slight_smile:


When i need to stay wakeup i listen to this


Anyone here listen to self-development videos or audiobooks while working? I’ve found it to be the best way to kill two birds with one stone.

It’s amazing how much content and learning you can get through over an 8-12 hour work period, particularly when you’re working on lower-level tasks that take less of your brain’s focus but are a necessary part of your everyday work.

Of course, music is great and can help boost focus depending on the genre/type (as many have already mentioned here), but why not listen to some of Jim Rohn’s teachings with music in the background? It’s worked wonders for me!

Some of my favorite self-development channels (most have soothing/soft music in the background already):

Hope that helps!