Do you listen to music while "working"?

If you are like me , you can’t sit in front of a computer for an extended period of time without music.
But sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on some task because beyonce is yelling in to your ear demanding to put that ring on it!

So this is a pretty cool website that plays this music that helps you to work/ or relax, there are some papers you can actually read about the studies behind this music and why it helps, but then again if you are like me it’s going to be tl;dr and get back to work.
tbh it helps


I normally work quiet, I’m more productive that way. But with sounds that dosent take my mind away, I can work too


Thanks for this - do you have to pay for it though?

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I have used this only today, as far as i understand you get 10 free ‘sessions’(whatever that would mean) and then you should pay some fee

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Yes I do. When I get tired listening to Spotify’s top hits… I go to Apple Music and listen to Beats 1 Radio. @mindeswx indeswx5h

I love Brain FM - I got a lifetime subscription for $25 via App Sumo.

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I love EDM music so, I’m listening lives from Tomorrowland hahaha
It’s motivating me

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I usually listen to HipHop and 80s Rock on Spotify whole day

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Tried this - it’s weird and too slow for me but I will give one more try. :smiley:
Usually I listen to or (both of them are playing melodic electronic musics -> Technobase is “Hands Up” based, while Hardbase is a “Hardstyle” based online radio). Both genre are fast.

There isn’t any moment when there is silence while I work. It’s impossible for me without music. :smiley:

I use deezer I love it

i normaly listen to or similar on youtube

i use a spotify APK and get unlimited music :slight_smile:

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Pandora & my music on my iPhone. depending upon what’s going on — Music always makes the days fly by :wink:

I listen to Music the moment i open up my laptop!

I feel like I’m way more productive while listening to music. Especially if it is motivating and inspiring. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your favorite tune at the moment?

I do listen to a lot of trap and hiphop/rap in general.

My favorite one at the moment is “Kollegah - Realtalk”. (Its german tho :stuck_out_tongue:) He has a really great and inspiring personality.

Oh, a german fellow! :smiley:

Kollegah is great, but too much of it sets off a God complex, if you know what I mean xD

Have you heard of the Tribal Trap channel? They have a lot of good songs imo :slight_smile:

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I really think its just an imagine thing. He’s really humble overall.

Have heard of it not really listened to it tho. Might give it a try. :slight_smile: