Do you need an "aged" account for Business/Swipe Up feature?

Hey guys,

Was just wondering if there were any requirements to making your account business with swipe up feature?

You need 10K followers for the story swipe ups feature.

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Is that it? So if I create a few new accounts and grow them to 10K within a week, I can get access to story swipe up feature no problem?

YES @AfroJack do you mind telling us how can you grow them 10k within a week ?


In theory, yes.

I would like to know that as well.

You need to get 10.000 to get acces to this feature. Aged accounts are just accounts with a better trust score for Instagram

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I just created a new account on my phone and it asked if I was a Business and I said yes and went through all the steps.

I have Insights now, but don’t have the link ability on Storys.

Does that come once I hit 10K followers automatically?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business or a personal one, it needs 10k followers

You can do swipe up on personal accounts with 10K+ followers?

Yes :slight_smile: It has to have only 10k. It doesn’t matter at all if it’s a personal one or business

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Okay cool … but how can personal accounts have swipe up feature?

@AfroJack, I believe they need to be a business account to be able to receive the Swipe Up Feature

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Hmm the new account just hit 10K followers, but I don’t see the URL link button when I try to make a story?

Do I have to just wait? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Just got it now - yay!!


It has to be a business account


You got 10k in a week?
Are they legit accounts or fake/bot accounts?

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not very hard to do.

You mean that you got the swipe up at 10k without be business?

I’m curious about this too

It is really possible to gain 10k real followers if we put some good content and give multiple shoutouts from bigger pages. You need to invest some money. It’s not impossible it’s doable.