Do you put hashtags at the bottom of your post or in the comments?

Im not familiar with the weird state Instagram is in once again. I remember that some time ago posting them in the comments would lead to shadow bans lmao. This platform is something else

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personally, I use them below my posts for quite some time now, i had very few blocks when over using the same ones, but other than that it’s fine

I put hashtags at the bottom of my post. I usually add . (dot) on 5-6 new lines to separate the caption and the hashtags. How many hashtags did you put when you added them as a comment? I don’t think adding them in comment will lead to a shadowban, maybe you added too many hashtags or used the same set of hashtags too often.

I’ve using them both in the caption and in the comments. I personally have not noticed any difference

I’ve never noticed a difference. In the end, I decided to post them in my caption because I think it looks better :joy: Instagram is a visual platform after all!

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Bottom of my post.