Do you really need 4G proxies now?

I’m using private residential proxies together with scrapers and most of my accounts are being banned, usually within 1-2 weeks.

Is it really essential now to use 4G proxies to avoid bans? Anyone had success with private residential proxies?

How many accounts can you run per 4G proxy because they are quite expensive.

Do you find when signing up to Instagram they lock the account for 24 hours to review information?

Yeah but this often won’t occur until about 1-2 weeks.

I would say, still yes, especially if you’re planning to hit any decent numbers of actions.

We suggest only having 1 - 2 accounts per proxy/IP. If you are using scraper and main IG accounts, these should not share the same IP/proxy at all.

well if the issue happens only on the scrapers I would say you are using a good proxy because having a scraper for 2 weeks before it dies looks good enough especially with all these restrictions and issues, but you can try 4G ones on a few accounts and see how it goes try to go for 2 accounts per proxy as a small test and watch what will heppen.

Only 1-2 per 4G proxy? But most of them are in the range of around $70 per month? If you have 10 accounts that’s $700 a month!

I read other posts here people saying you can run 10 per 4G proxy?

I use residential for scrapers and 4G for slaves.
For scrapers api limits is what helps them stay alive longer

4g proxy
one 4g proxy port —24 ig accounts, 1 hour 1 ig account
200 follow per day(every account do 200 follows in 60 min), follow by api
work well 2 years