Do you tell clients you will be doing follow/unfollow?

When they ask how you are going to grow their Instagram account what do you say?

What sounds better?

I will be engaging with active users who are interested in your niche.


I will be following users who are active and interested in your niche.


I will be using a combination of good posting strategy while reaching out to other users who will be interested in your account.

Any advice is appreciated!

What will you be doing to grow their account? Answer yourself and this is what you will tell them.

IMO It is OK the use selling lines like those you metioned, but it is very important to keep full clarity with the client. You don’t want the to discover you’re doing F/UF in retrospect.

I always make sure the client fully understands the service he is buying.

This way you’ll avoid scenarios where the client is surprised from the result compared to what he thought he will be given.


“Engage with your futur customers.”

Haha you “prepare” for selling them e-commerce in the future - when you word it like this.

sounds definetly better than

that’s how I got sold one year ago btw haha. That random guy offering f/u services is what got me into this, so thanks to him lol


“I engage with your target audience which brings them back to your page and leads to them following you IF they like your content”

This is my way of explaining f/uf :wink:


I will go with this one

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That’s exactly how I explain it in the sales pitch.

I straight up tell them I f/uf as part of my process after they’re signed up as part of my “things to expect”. I then describe how followings will go up, they’ll get random dms, I mute the accounts, blah blah so there’s no surprises for them.

Never had a client complain, in fact I’m usually praised for the communication.


Yeah this has to be the smartest way to do it. A lot of people change their minds about f/u if you frame it differently and reason well