Do you think Instagram influencers might get their reach killed soon?

Facebook killed the organic reach of pages, and that basically forced everyone to use ads to promote on Facebook, which filled their pockets.

Instagram influencers are probably an equivalent to Facebook pages - entities with tons of people watching them, spreading their content organically, without spending a dime.

Since Facebook own Instagram, the next logical move is to kill the reach for influencers.

What do you think?

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It’s already here and started the day they bought insta


I’m more inclined to think the influencers are going to help them recover from that loss they took last week. If influencers are getting paid because of their reach, I would think they’re paying the platform to make sure their reach stays where it needs to be. :man_shrugging:t2:

it does not matter what type of ‘account’, except celebs that fuel usage. Eventually what happened to facebook will happen to Insta. It should be noted, by design, Insta will still be the best next to snap for reach.

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Large influencers will probably suffer more from this. But micro-influencers (5-25k) will be the ones best off. There are a ton of these now and IG wants to keep them happy because the big influencers won’t go anywhere, even if engagement gets worse.


Like stated in the posts above, the decrease of organic reach started the day FB got in the mix. They are going to try to make you pay for your reach. After all, they are in the biz of advertising.

That doesn’t change the fact that IG is still an awesome platform to build brands/following. In my own experience, still outperforms any other social platform. Having said that, our focus is always increasing the quality of our content and getting a bit smarter about it.

Even though the reach of influencers might be affected I don’t think that will determine their future at all. Some of these people have cult-like followers and I believe they will basically be followed anywhere they go.

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They are still the best platform, that’s what I was trying to ask though, how long will they keep being that?

Facebook pages are considered almost useless now, having just a small portion of your followers see your content makes organic efforts have very low ROI. Instagram influencers are not there yet, but I believe they soon will be.

As you say, some have followers that go with them on any platform, but those are mostly celebrities, they’ve usually gotten famous outside of social media. Often they don’t even need reach, people simply open their profiles to check out what they’re doing. But the dude unwrapping phones or the girl traveling and posting cool pictures, with followers ranging from 50.000~1.000.000, are the ones that will pay the price imo.


Yes, but it’s still not as bad as Facebook pages are right now.
Today, the Instagram influencer, if we define it as a profile with say 20.000+ highly engaged followers, still has his or her content reach a big chunk of those followers.
I actually think influencers will see almost the same decrease in reach as Facebook pages did.

I’m starting to see it happen. It’s better to have less than 100k followers now than it was a few years ago. I think IG is nearing the end of its peak and within the next 3 years it will start to decline, but it will probably take 5-7 years before it gets as bad as facebbook


Yes, 3 years sounds about right, maybe even sooner given the recent losses Facebook has suffered

For real i think that Mark Zuck will review what he have done to Facebook, because they literally destroyed all the traffic of the pages, but many small business stopped to waste their money in Facebook and it’s becoming bigger and now they suffering this.

I think that Facebook in 1 or 2 years will try to recover their audience giving more organic traffic again for the platform or it’s going to an end sometime and this can be fast.

I kinda feel like the opposite is happening - everybody is accepting that you have to pay to play on Facebook, and all of these courses and gurus on FB ads are appearing. Time will tell I guess.

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It depends on how fast they want to kill the platform. Large influencers will go where the money goes, and the money will leave Instagram if everyone has to pay to promote all of their posts.

I don’t think so. Small businesses didn’t leave Facebook because organic reach dropped for pages. In fact, they rolled over and started taking courses on Facebook ads.

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