Do you think m/s apply to all kind of clients?

i have a client that i want to handle his account but with m/s method it’s harder mostly because the niche he’s on isnt suited for it , he’s a plumber that want to promote his service in local area , if i automate his account directly it will be easier however things happen and i dont want to mess up his account , but i thought about things like (restaurant,barber…) helping them have traffic to their main account is harder than if they are in other niche

what do you do for this kind of client do you just automate his account and take the risk of getting actions blocks , pva,captcha…and loose him after that or you always do m/s no matter what and keep clients account safe

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I dont do Mother Child on people that want leads or sales anymore. Way too many headaches. Its very hard work.

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for sales its depends tbh if its a ecomm site then still think m/s is good solution , but yeah for asmall local shop or similar clients they dont need that much traffic ,however do i just make sure to automate when they’re not using the account or do i tell them at certain hour they dont have to log their account?

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For MS you won’t be touching their account so it doesn’t matter. For f/uf it matters yes.

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Exactly what heroslair said.

One point that most people don’t get is that marketing comes down to you advertising to other how good your product or service is… people tend to be skeptical towards ads anywhere, even if they are well thought out.

M/S is applicable and has been used in the marketing industry for several decades, starting with email marketing and nowadays social media.

Social Media, Email marketing, Google, Facebook Ads or DMs, Telegram DMs, Discord DMs, are all “tools”. The focus os these tools is to give you outreach. You pay for this outreach and vary the speech you will be using based on the tools that you are going to use, but don’t be fooled, all of these are the same tool, you just have to approach them in a different way.

Also, with any of these “tools”, it is possible to scale if your product and message has enough appeal. I would choose to start with the cheapest methods and scaling up to ads when you are generating revenue and know your public exactly.

Another thing is that an advice is worth up to 5x more than regular ads, simply because people hate ads in general, but love to hear other people’s advice about something that could help them solve a problem.

I hope this helps. Many people come from a marketing background and get lost with so many terms and tools. They are all for one objective, and they all work if the work is done properly, including M/S method.

true however do you precise to client that you will use some accs that will drive traffic to his main account i feel like many arent aware of this method so how can i make them understand it the most easier way

also i thought about “slave accs” that can fit local clients and the ones that seems worth to go with are the type of accounts that promote like things to do in a city, or good deals , something like “chiropractors near you” or “yummy food” or whatever repost kind of acc for the niche and then just send in welcome message the client username as a advice