Do you think this VPS will be sufficient for me?

So I just added my 8th IG account. I follow/unfollow, like and I’m running 4 campaigns over those accounts posting once daily (mainly because its taking forever to go in and upload photos and edit the captions).

I’m using the free amazon vps and it is slowwww haha (CPU usage is low, the ram is consistently above 80% though). I’m over it. I’m hoping its the VPS and not my settings in MP. So I’ve been looking around and I came across these

one of these 2 for 9.95 a month + the 50% discount code (turns out the discount is not applicable for these plans!)

  1. CPU Optimized KVM VPS 2gb ram
  2. USA 1Gbps VPS 2gb ram

So for my current 8 accounts, which will grow to be 10 and I’ll also increase the amounts posting daily on those accounts to maybe 2-3 times a day.

I’m a novice to understanding tech specs …so would these plan be sufficient? Thanks in advance

I wouldn’t go with any of those.
1GB RAM is simply not enough to run Windows and couple of other programs.

Get at least 2GB.

So I just purchased the following for $12.59 a month;
Xeon E5 CPU
3 Core
35GB SSD Disk

Since it was an extra $2.6 for the additional core and and extra ram.

And if anyone is curious how this works out for my number of accounts, leave a reply here and I’ll reply to you

Please do let us know how it goes as I’m curious.

how is it working, i’m having around 20 accounts and was thinking of a really good speed cause the current free tire at amazon seems to be really slow and it just keeps getting stuck

It’s running better. Ram usage is in the 30% range.
Still a bit delayed with clicks and typing (less than before though, it was ridiculously frustrating before), but thats now more to do with the fact that i’m remotely accessing it from a mac and i need to tweak it somehow - im not the only one with this problem (any pointers/tips would be appreciated here).