Do you think using a service like Buffer makes you look more credible?

I assume that IG knows Buffer’s IP’s and the data that is coming from them. Do you think using Buffer (or any other IG partner) adds credibility?
I don’t have any data to back up my hunch but I think as long as you were playing by the other rules it might make you look a bit more credible?
I tried hunting for previous discussion on this but couldn’t find anything. interested in your views.

unsure/sceptical considering even users using Later (supposedly authorized 3rd party App of IG) were having major issues, and Later itself wasnt working perfectly from what I have read past 2-3 months

You should try Later, I have used it for my own business account for 3 weeks now, and haven’t seen any loss of ER, and I think it would make you look more professional because the posts would always be posted on time instead of you doing it manually and sometimes losing the best time to post.

i just use hootsuite free plan and i can schedule 35 posts and once posts go out i can schedule again all free and for analytics i use ninjalytics and igblad and so far so good

I am using preview, also shared password, didn’t have problem until now. I am surprised to read that about Later.