Do you use Hashtags?

Simple question.
Do you guys use hashtags?
Do they help you grow?

I don’t know how you can vote on a poll with only one option, so I’ll just reply with my answer :slight_smile:

Stopped using them when I recovered my accounts and started over about 5 months ago. All they did was result in severely reduced exposure no matter how few or many, even when rotated and checked for any banned ones, etc. So I stopped, it wasn’t worth the potential of a few shitty spam likes for having my content limited by what seemed like 75% at the time.

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Its my bad on the poll :slight_smile:

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So after my reply, I decided to test again. Used only 3 hashtags… typically a post has been getting 250-400 likes on average. The latest with 3 tags has capped out at 125 likes. Can’t say the content sucks at all, so really there’s got to be something going on. Need to check insights in 24 hours and see what it tells me.


Yes. They don’t help much when you have <1000 followers, but when you are aroung 1500 they start to bring you to the explore page from time to time.

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I use them regularly. Aside from the fact they can bring people to your profile, It’s powerful that you can differentiate your content and the subject, message, point of your posts with appropriate hashtags. I personally often use hashtags to search for some products, people, or topics.

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When i used hashtags i get between 50-100% more likes/comments.
I was just looking for a justification not to use them,because they are a pain in the ass when posting manualy!
But there is no justification not to use hashtags,they just help a lot…

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ha ha I feel you @florin22xxl :smiley: you can try not to use them for some period of time and see how much difference it will make for your accounts :slight_smile:

Yeah indeed, especially when posting regularly and if you don’t want to use the same hashtags over and over again :smiley: