Do you use MassTagging account

This method is very risky that’s why ,like accounts that do only scraping , do you have some warmed account that do only masstag and lead to the main account (they can potentially be banned quickly but you replace them with new ones}


This used to work super duper well back in the good old days of IG+CPA.

Might still work today but you risk having the main account reported, and eventually, banned.

How proof is it for shadowbanning? @kraadnc

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I’m not sure I understood your question. But mind you, I’ve done this in the past only, about 4 years ago. So I’m not sure how it pans out today.

I’m just sharing that this was a really effective method before.

Yeah i asking since spam comments usually get shadowbanned quickly along with the accounts trustscore so i wasnt sure how it would hold up even today with masstagging

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I still have a few CPA accounts alive. I’ll test with a few and see if this still works, and if not, how long before the accounts get banned. I’ll DM you the results.

but how it can affect the main account i it’s just done by good slaves ?