Do you use the "like comment" function?

Hello friends
Are you using the “like comment” function in Jarvee? I just wanna know if there is any difference between regular “Likes” and “Like Comment” regarding like blocks and stuff like that. I want to interact as much as possible with my audience to keep engagement high. Until now I just used Follow/Unfollow and Repost.

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I mostly use “likes” module to like only feed post. I don’t use like functionality given in follow module, which automatically like those users post, whom you just follow it recently.

I use “like comments” module to like comments on my post only.

I’m not facing any blocks, I just got stupid PV most of the time. The block thing is more about action/time and what proxy you’re using it.

Right now Im starting out by liking recent post of my followers but I set it to only 40 percent of the time so I don’t risk getting like blocks

those comments like are still counted as pic like?

No, both are different thing.

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I used to use this function for a while and never seen any difference in growth of the account or engagement. Just much more stuff to go through in dashboard, especially when there were no comments to like, but Jarvee was still executing this automation.

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I just want to use this for increasing engagement because I dont want to do replies on automation as the software dont knows what the people commented

Yeah but you can create your own list of keywords, and put it on jarvee to avoid liking those comments. It’s surely take time, but if you get a good results with comments like, then surely you should spent some time on it. BTW, I don’t do such a thing.


Yes I have a very long list of “forbidden” words :smiley:
Already added

The main reason we use “Like Comments” in Jarvee is to support the ER.

Why does it work?

We all spend time getting real very kosher active followers for our clients. When they start following, if they are really good quality and in the target, they also start commenting and liking your client’s content.

That said, because of the way the algorithm works, when someone has been following an account for a while but stopped engaging with the content for any reason (or has started engaging much more with other content), that follower doesn’t see the content anymore.

It’s a shame because it’s a real person who used to like your client’s content and never choose to unfollow your client.

By liking the comments (especially the very old ones) that people left on your client’s account, you give that follower a chance to remember your client, start liking or commenting again what he posts and become active for your client again.

Followers not engaging at all with your content because they don’t see it anymore are worse than bots or fake because they are real and active so they are difficult to identify and block, and they are never get purged by Instagram.

So basically they become a dead weight for the account and screw the ER forever.

Give a try to that tactic and make sure you go back in time as far as possible :wink:


If I unlike comment and then like again, would it pop up in their notifications?

Just trying to be cheeky here :blush:

Yes, it would :slight_smile: I just tested with a friend sitting next to me. But you have to wait a minute or two before re-liking it!


I thought that this may be a case.

Does anyone know if this behaviour (unliking comments and liking back) would raise any red flags?

On another note, can this be automated?


I was thinking about using the “Like Comment” feature to warm up accounts and also make the accounts seem more real.

Anyone use it for this purpose?

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But when you warm up an account you have no to little amount of pictures where people might comment on. Or so you mean comments of pictures of other people? @RustyBread

I meant liking comments under other people pictures. Like famous peoples pics.

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Yes, I think could be a good one simultaneosly to following some featured, big pages and commenting on pages like this. But never tried that before.