Do you want to report and block this account?

You can now report and block accounts that look like other spam accounts on IG. I don’t know how old is this feature - it’s the first time that I’ve seen it.


Its not new feature) Have already faced with that on my spam accs )

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It’s also the first time I see this.

When looking at the account I notice;

New. Probably uses follow/unfollow
Oldest post only 1 week old
Has a link to another (main) 352K account in the bio and is probably used to promote that main account. When I look at that account I see that the owner of that account uses more accounts to promote his main account.

Instagram is right, it is a spam account.


Not new , i have seen it a long time ago

I’ve seen this thing mentioned for the last few years in BHW, its not new.

As @dimitri points out - Following 2000 people with only 1 week old photos is not normal user behavior… very easy for algorithm to detect and flag

However does IG also do this with 6-month old accounts that f/u 1000 people every week?

I was just followed by this account. And that on a sunday morning. So Instagram’s SPAM detection is for sure not 100%

it looks brand new. Following 173 and 0 followback yet + no links. I would think they only do this for older accounts that are doing this for atleast few weeks or a month
P.s this looks extremely sketch would be surprised if the guy earns anything by doing this.

hahaha, well I have to admit thats a clever way to add links to an account without setting off the flags in the bio

I looked! The domain immediately redirects to an adult dating offer.
I checked the account age “created after 15 July 2017”. That is really a new account.

obvious. I’d do things way different… it hurts looking at this account :smiley: even the banners at porn sites saying there’s a girl 1km away willing to F you doesn’t look that fake :smiley:

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I read that often. Girls living in my cityname based on my IP are waiting to have S with me.

It looks so fake. But I see this already for years. So there must be people believing this, clicking on the ads, registering, using their credit cards etc.

These same people have the right to vote in elections :joy:

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Well i would bet it’s ppv so it’s way different you pay for views on your ad so if “smart” people views page they simply dont click it and you dont pay for it but it’s other thing with instagram coz you want most of your accounts . they’re precious these days

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I never got that option… I wish I did, every day I get spammed on my fitness account by some Dreaming Elegance clothing, they have 1000s of accounts promoting some shit

oldie . . . .