Do you want to share multiple images on your Instagram post?

If you’re like me, you probably upload a bunch of images in one post, a feature you can do on most social networks except for Instagram, quite ironically. But according to some reports, this feature which IG advertisers have been enjoying for quite sometime now, might soon be available to regular users :grinning:

Although, there’s no official word yet from Instagram, some say that it would appear like a photo carousel slider or something similar. Well, I don’t really care how they’ll do it as long as they roll it out. So until then, I’ll be relaxing while keeping my fingers crossed :pray:

How about you? What’s your take on being able to share multiple images in a single post on Instagram?


I’m curious on how they will make it work. Do you they grid the images and it will look like one post or just publish all images as regular posts but now you can do it in bulk.

Let’s see how IG implement this

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Hell no. It’s hard enough finding enough content to post daily as it is. I wouldn’t want to have to worry about finding more.


I think one image is enough, I never share multiple images on social media.


Could be interesting, i wonder how will this affect hashtags, maybe some images are of something and other are of something else…

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Someone I shot photos with posted a series from the shoot with this feature recently… and, it really is something they need to figure out because in its current form all it does is lose an audience. That and it’s limited to square photos.

Sure if you have a bunch of bad content and you feel that you HAVE to upload it, go for it, bury it, but why sacrifice good content behind a gallery that takes effort to view, and will probably go unnoticed by most users? IG is an extremely superficial low effort platform so this just complicates things too much. Videos were one thing, stories went a step too far, as does this.

Not that it’s much of a metric, but I think the gallery she posted got less views than a regular post,

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well said, most users might not look past the first image !

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This is one of the features that will quickly grow old and die. It can be good if you are, say, into flipping sneakers, and you want to showcase your whole inventory, but have a sick pair that you need to show all angles of. This would be a good way to do it.

But like IG live videos, and it’s snapchat crap it does, people will quickly gravitate towards accounts that use it wisely. Meaning, good and highly relevant content.

Noone is going to want to see 14 pics of your smoothie bro. Maybe they do. I dunno.

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