Do you warmup CPA accounts?

If you run 100 CPA accounts (with link in bio), would you warmup them? For how long?

I ask because I suppose such accounts will be banned soon or later. So I’m wondering if it is worth warming them. Maybe it’s better to just start doing 500 follows on day 1?

What are your opinions?


Depends. What is the account age and also the quality of the accounts? How were they made?

I recommend always doing a warmup just to be safe.

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I tried doing many follows since day one (on good account and home IP, not a proxy), acc got deleted after a couple of days anyway… Don’t have any experience with cpa though, not sure how much time those usually last?
But I think you should still do a warm up lol…

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Fresh accounts (a couple of days/weeks old).
Cheap, poor quality (in the $0.5 ~ $1 range).

Warm one week, put link, start increasing.

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Yea, you’ll just get more bans if you don’t. I warm my accounts up with viewing stories sometimes. When I don’t do that I like comments, posts and follow users (semi-manually). It’s the most important part of the process in my opinion.

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You should definitely warm up your accounts, especially since you’re using low quality accounts.

Ok. I’ll do some tests … warm a group of accounts, go aggressive with another group, to see what gives better results.

Another question (I know it’s a different topic, but anyway): If I got an account banned, I should trhow its proxy away? I mean I should not try to reuse it with new accounts?

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You can ask your proxy provider for a new IP. They often refresh it for free. Would not recommend reusing the proxy on a new account.

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Did you test this in the end? Curious to see how it went.

Yes. Got banned in all groups. Maybe it was the links, proxies, account creation method, … don’t know.

I tested with crazy settings: 60 follow / minute, without stopping. Got banned. I found out that you can follow up to 240 in a row before getting banned.
I tested with no settings at all: 0 follows. Got banned.

Probably I messed my tests and these results are useless. For now, I’m more focused in higher quality accounts, with mobile proxies. So I won’t continue with these tests.

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One of my partner says warmup is bullshit.

I’m wondering …

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ouch all banned :confused: was you running really cheap proxies / accts?

Yes. $0.5 Accounts and 0.5$ proxies.

Warm up without link’s

Create yourself account’s, you don’t know the method utilized for creation. I trust more my account’s, the guy you bought must have leak something usually they have this all automated!

  • Use your phone 4G to create account’s (with profile);
  • Do some actions, follow’s like’s, story views, etc human action’s;
  • Let them rest 1/2 days;
  • Add jarvee(with proxy) another 1 day;
  • Warm up 1 month without links and then when youre following 500 people add link in Bio.

Big No No:

  • Add link in the first day and warm up fast. Do everything slowww
  • Don’t start with 100 account’s you need to learn start with 10/15 account’s if something goes wrong you don’t lose a lot of money!

Hope it helps


Been slowly warming up from 25 follows +25 extra each day capped at 450.

Also personally with my CPA accounts I ensure the quality of each account is good and repost proper content within my niche (basically trying to make it as human as possible)

What @imHugoLeandro wrote is also really good to reduce your footprint

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One day I try to not warm up my child accounts… ban two days later :sweat_smile: I think it is a costly method

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@Daenerys_Insta which cloaker are your using to mask your final lading page?

Yeah, with these accounts, I want to use it effectively in the future. So if you spend time to take care of those things, You should take advantage of it thoroughly


I think so, just keep accounts that can use in the future.