Does a large block list effect reach?

I just blocked 10,000 people. I know, don’t ask me why! But reach seems particularly low since doing it. Does anybody know if having a large block list messes up the algorithm? Thanks for your input

Yes, it does. It usually comes back in a month, in some cases two. The best suggestion for next time is block the same amount of followers daily you actually get to avoid this.

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Thanks. Do you think I should unblock them? Will it help?

Never tried unblocking them again. Do they remain your followers after unblocking or not? If not then there is no point.

No but it might get reach back on track quicker?

I don;t see any reason why it should - reach had dropped since you “lost” a lot of followers quickly. Unblocking them does not change anything. Just post good content, engage with your followers and you will be back to normal in a month or two - time flies anyway :slight_smile:

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