Does an account remain "red flagged" forever?

It seems i can no longer follow more than a few dozen accounts on a daily basis without being temporarily locked. First it was the verifications through e-mail, now it’s the selfie video, for the second time. Is the account pretty much lost?

Also, is it normal to get locked out temporarily and be forced to verify my identity but getting no action block at all?

I’ve lowered my numbers a long time ago. I am doing about 20-30 follows for all my accounts. Slowly but steadily. At least I am not getting any TLs.

Does your account use API or EB to execute actions? do you do manual actions on your phone as well? it’s very important to not do manual actions on your phone when the account is running in Jarvee.

Yes, this is normal.

yes that’s nomal, you need to make sure to have safe/slow settings, it’s not the same anymore it will take some time for the account to get to a point of 80-100 follow per day.

Yep, repeat violations lead to stricter and stricter limits. Some of my slaves can’t go above 30 follows per day for weeks before they can increase again. It’s a slow game once you flag up a few times in a short period. The account is not lost, but IG limits your reach and keeps throwing up these things non stop even if you rest it for multiple days and start with just a handful of follows.

In fact, this was the main reason I stopped offering f/uf for clients :smiley: was too stressful/hard to manage. I had a client acc resting for like 10 days at some point and still get TL on the 2nd follow warming up the next day. Had multiple TLs within a week and a ton of blocks… The client was getting worried and was stressing the f out of me haha. Slaves are annoying af but if I run into repeat issues I can just swap it out for the new one

Everything i do is manual, both on my phone and on the web browser. I don’t use any automation software. I don’t do more than maybe 60 actions a day, counting with likes, following, unfollowing, DM’s. I use both phone and web browser pretty much at the same time, meaning that i might be having a conversation in the browser and at the same time following someone on my phone. This account is my main account. It’s old. Can’t motherfucker instagram just figure out once and for all that i’m a person and not a bot? God damn! Their AI isn’t that smart. For fuck’s sake.

This is my main account. This shit is stressing me the fuck out, because i use no automation whatsoever and i don’t even add that money people on the fucking thing.

If you are using the same internet source for your browser and your phone, then I don’t think there would be an issue. I sometimes explore IG on the browser while it’s kept logged in on the phone and I have not encountered issues so far. I think it’s more on doing actions on both devices at the same time in your case.

Does previewing profiles in the web browser count as an action?

My opinion is that yes, each load means one API call.

you mean visiting the account without doing an action like following or commenting? if yes then it is counted as an API call but not as an action that have been made from the account and can lead to blocks i don’t think so.