Does any know the cheapest site or app to buy IG Likes

I had series of accounts I use for exchanging likes for coins which is what I use for giving likes to my client post at a cost, the app still gives it service but IG won’t let the liking activity continue. Most of my clients are stuck on posting pictures except I am ready to give them likes again. Can someone please recommend a cheap site or app where I can buy likes for my clients post

Today prices are not cheap
In fact nothing is cheap
This cheap mentally is cheap
Dont’ be chip nor chips

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talk to the (your clients), SMM panels are a myth in these days

good old days of Like Exchange :slight_smile:

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Find some smm panels

does JV exchange likes works for you?

I haven’t tried jarvee for anything

Pls what is SMM and can you help with one… pardon me pls

you made acc just for promoting… not sure if thats allowed on forum

JAP working well and they have a new feature called monitor which checks the services but not as quickly as i would like. But hey!

Sure it works ?

i doubt it

clearly a fake account/self-promoting

I got a trial balance and it’s beyond dead…

I don’t think so. Also the account who recommended it was created 10 hours ago so this is super suspicious

I think you are right.