Does anybody has experience with xposed framework?

Does anybody has experience with xposed framework? I have a rooted phone and installed xposed Installer. But when I install framework it either dont work or tell me to reboot my phone and does not working too.

Do you have experiences with that? I really appreciate your help!

I would like to know this too. If there is an app that can totally spoof all IDs, IMEI, etc. on a phone so its like a fresh brand new phone to Instagram

I have heard of Xposed before but never used it. I am getting a phone to root and test with soon so I can let you know if there are no new answers here by then

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Cool lets talk together the next time. This stuff is really tricky.

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How did you install it?

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I downloaded the apk of the installer and installed the “xposed installer”. After that I tried to download and install xposed framework in the installer but it didnt worked. Always Error 1. I also tried to “install via recovery” but it didnt worked.

Hmm, that’s strange. I always install via recovery and it works perfectly.

Last time I rooted an android phone I installed magisk I think, way more stable and it has an xposed plugin which allows you to still run xposed apps.

You should look into magisk I think

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why you need xposed framework ?

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What is the next step after you pressed “install via recovery”? Does it have to be on the SD Card? I couldnt find the oder “Install” in my recovery menu.

The thing I bought the phone already rooted from a store, so someone did that for me not did that myself. Due to that fact is it possible to use magisk then?

You need xposed Framework for every module/function you want to use trough xposed for rooted phones. In my case I want to use the device id changer of xposed to change all my IDs after I created an Instagram Account. That way I can stay unvisible for Instagram and can keep creating accounts.


Cant you ask that store to install xposed for you then? Shouldn’t be too big of a hassle for them

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Yes I think I will do that, as I tried it the whole day today and i couldnt do it.

But as I challenged myself to do that I wanna try to accomplish that now :sweat_smile: Can it be that you have to copy the files of framework to the SD card and from there you Install them trough the recovery menu?

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why dont you try cloning the instagram app. after my instagram account got disabled i wasnt able to add other accounts or open new ones on my phone when i tried to do that a message appeared “sorry there was a problem with your request”.So this how i fixed it ,i downloaded parallel space from play store and cloned instagram app after that i started logging in to my other accounts in the cloned app on the same phone

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Its not that easy bro Instagram and Facebook are data sluts. They are whoring the whole day in the Internet and sucking every little peace of data they can get. If you want to stay under the radar you have to give them different data everytime. Cloning the IG App is like the same shit in green.

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well it solved my problem

That doesnt matter you just have to take care that IG receives new data everytime you create a new account.

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How many accounts did you created with that?

only 2 accounts

Well creating two accounts wont raise a red flag at instagram. But creating 100 Just with a cloned IG App does

100 is a high number bro

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i dont open large amount of accounts. i only open a few and focus on growing them

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