Does anybody have experiences on ading for adult toys via tiktok

Hello guys,
I heard one of our competitors is ading for their adult toys on Tiktok. From my experience, it should not be possible.
Anybody did get the ad related to adult things?
What should be the video like, so Tiktok won’t delete it soon after publishing?
Any thought for this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hi if you make videos on tiktok but without being explicit you can use some url shorter to sent the traffic to the actual adult site

Thanks for the comment.
If you did ever get a video like that, we are trying to test what kind of videos will the platform allow us to post and promote on it

I think theres no way to show the actual toys so you might promote the product without showing it. You can add text but need to censor the words so algorithm wont detect.

Yes, I am still digging to see if I can get any samples. Since I can not get to their account. What I know is they really did a good job by the ad on TikTok.

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