Does anybody know the unfollow/follow limits when doing manual growth?

I’m hearing a variety of things, some people are saying 2000 follows, 2000 unfollows a month max… some are saying 100 follows a day and 100 unfollows a day is allowed.

Could someone clear this up? I would prefer not to get action blocked haha

Its depends. Instagram have limits per hour, day and month. You can gave about 16-20 follow per hour

depends on your trust score, some i can do 40+ an hour some only 20

You can go with follow above 300 easily and 200-250 ish with unfollow per day

I am doing 100 follow at a time without any issue with a 4 month old year account

Been doing manual too for a while now alongside automation with JV.

For amount of follows hourly:

Safe mode : 20 follows / 20 unfollows per hour.

Normal mode: 50-75 follows / 50-75 unfollows per hour.

Agressive mode : 75-100 follows / 75-100 unfollows per hour

Number of total follows a day:

Safe mode : 100 follow / 100 unfollow per day

Normal mode : 100-150 follows / 100-150 unfollows per day

Aggresive mode: 150-200+ follows / 150-200+ unfollows per day

Every account reacts differently according to it’s trustlevel/score.

What I recommend personally is being on the safe side always.

Good luck.


There is no magic number. The limit is dynamic depending on your account’s trust score

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Make sure you stay under 10.000 actions per month on a two month average.

That should make sure that no rubberband-effects will hit you.

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Have you tried aggressive mode on your account without block? If so, how old is the account?

Yes @ossi I have tried it on several different profiles of mine. Mainly aged. 4 year+ and with 10K+ followers. Average sweetpoint is around 75 follows per hour. A couple of my newer accounts 6 months+ can do the same. But over 75 I hit blocks. That is honest input from my side.

With manual process you can really do some wonders. I love the so called hybrid model. That means 50% manual 50% automation.
Plan and Scale with. automation and do actions manually.
The only action I really like doing with automation is unfollowing.

Try it. And please do yourself a favor. Don’t push the limits. Find a sweetspot. It’s a journey mate, not a race.


I can manually follow up to 200/day with no problem (40 batch, 1hr+ between batches). But I kept on getting blocked from unfollowing. It’s super random and I can’t find any pattern no matter what I try. I can rarely unfollow more than 100/day which is annoying because now I have to follow less per day too because now my following count is too high due to a few months of not being able to unfollow enough.

Thanks for the tips!

When you hit blocks, do you just need to rest the account for a few hours? or is it blocks with expiry date that could last for a week?

Usually tb (temp blocks).
Usually this process lifts it:
password change… Logout… Change IP. Clear cache from IG app, relogin.
But rest the account for 48 hours. You may use the account to do other actions but follow unfollow. But only a human like amount. That means no spamming.

But If above mentioned process doesn’t work, the block may have been put on your device.
Wait 24 hours and in 90% of the time the block will be lifted. Don’t do any actions. If you try to force an account when tb blocked IG then gives you a longer block periode. This time time specific. That varies again. Sometimes 48 hours, sometimes a whole week. Under time specific blocks I again experience that the period can get extended if you try to do action to check if things work. Therefor LEAVE it. Wait your time out. But again here you can use your account to look up profiles and watch stories like a normal human being. Not spammy! But do not attempt to do any actions.

A side note here. If you get hit by temp. blocks several time in a row, each time, it’ll take longer for your temp. block to be lifted. First time 24 hours. second time 48 hours and so on.

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Thanks a lot !

I experienced this too. Trying to check whether it works or not just makes it worse.

we are doing instagram manual growth we are working with many agencies thats true what you heard , but still try to follow limits we are doing 200 follow, 200 unfollow, 100-400 likes , 80 comments, 40 dms , you can do alot more likes follow and unfollow but that is setting we follow for our accounts , but people are also doing 1200 likes daily successfully and i have friend who followed 13k accounts in a month.