Is the follow limit monthly still 6000 per account?

I’m still able to do 400 daily follows and unfollows on my personal with no issue. Always suprised when you guys come with 3000-6000 monthly limits

I wouldn’t recommend that in the long run 'cause you could eventually got issues. It’s better to stay on the safe side.

It’s working flawlessly pretty much

I’m using Only EB

Scrapper accounts

Follow specific user

15 accounts have the do not emulate human behavior and 15 don’t and I don’t see any differences

I used only residential proxies I was going to try 4G but for all my Canadians accounts everything is going WELLL!


Looks awesome. I will post my results also later this month. I think with 4g proxies you will be able to push higher the limits


Yes let me know! Are you using contextual actions?

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Yes, I do but it’s in testing phase but I like what I see for now.

From my personal experience i think that it’s better to keep the follow actions between 150 to 200 daily and not just the follow tool also Like and Unfollow and have at least 30 to 60 seconds between operations (the time between operations is very important) that way you can run the tools for a long period and without blocks.

I tried to push one of my main accounts to follow more than 200 users per day using EB. it got blocked after 220 follows even though it did only 1700 follows this month. I think what is important is not doing too many actions per day (keep it below 200 users per day), keep the actions random, and of course 4G mobile proxy.

Manual growth started to allow more than 200/day. I will post here some results next week I think

General speaking try not to push over 10k actions per month over a 2 month average. That should put you on the safe side as long as the rest of your fingerprints are fine.


Yes and it seems to be helpful you can try it and see the results.

Glad to see you’re doing well and things in generally are getting better with IG automation.
We do work hard to improve it.

Keep up the good work.



i think there is no more limit per month, it’s the way you do automation right now cause your account get block.

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@T-tech nice work- I’ll send you a DM

I agree with “the way you do automation…” part, but the monthy limit part… did you go above the monthly limits ? if yes, can you please elaborate more about the methods you used .

Why do you think that?

I can follow (manually) 200/day no problem but I never hit 6K/month because I haven’t been able to unfollow nearly as fast. Kept on getting blocked on unfollow so I have to slow down the follow to keep my total following number down.

Try these tips, they may help.

I tested here… the limit still 6000 monthly…

Accounts i tested, followed 6100… 6200… 6300 max…

Then, they block and need to wait somedays to decrease the “past 30 days follows”

So, i put here to run 190 ~ 210 follows per day, and all good =)


How many account can add on like engagment group tool

And when adding more than 10 accounts, I will need to add more RAM in my device