Does anyone create your own proxies server?

Hi you guys, I am researching about how to create own proxies server because at this time, Instagram is going to be strict with users and proxies quality from providers not too good with high cost!!!
So does anyone in this forum create your own proxies and how is it?
Hope that can get your experiences. Thank you!


Squid or 3proxy for both mobile or datacenter

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I do, and it’s the best thing you could do. Being in charge of your own proxies is a key point for me, also lowers the monthly expenses, and you are sure they are not being shared with any spammers.


Yep, I create my own proxies.

Basically when you are buying from a datacenter proxy provider, you don’t really know who used the proxy you are given before. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Some proxies that I bought from a provider were perfectly fine while others from the same provider would get follow-blocked every 2 days on low settings.

Creating your own proxies is a way to maximize quality and limit costs as it can be cheaper than just buying them.

It can also help you get some knowledge of Linux which is welcomed if you are into I.T :slight_smile:


This. Learning Linux is a guarantee when dabbling with proxies.

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Can anyone help me build my own proxy server with squid3 to work well with Instagram?

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have you got the vps with multiples ips ?

I make my own proxies using a Raspberry Pi Zero W (about 30U$S with the SD card), using squid and Openvpn.

I use Jarvee on a free amazon VPS (around 10 accounts), also with openvpn, and I put each raspberry on my clients offices, so I use their residential IP.


The helpful point here will be to explain is how to create or own proxies…

We will be more than thankful for your great knowledge contributions :sunglasses:

It´s kind of a long process and requires lots of tinkering with linux, networking, tinkering with your router, your server and the command line, stuff like that, so you need a bit of knowledge in those areas to set it up.

Here´s a how to for the easiest way using PiVPN

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and if i whont to do a proxy running on windows
its possible?


I´m running the proxy server on a windows server 2012 free amazon VPS, openvpn works on most OSes

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Hi, I’m trying to build a 4G proxy server with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ for Jarvee.
So far I’ve been following this blog and all the methods mentioned on it:
Create your own mobile 4G Proxies for Instagram [Tutorial 2020] - Create your own mobile 4G Proxies for Instagram.
Still I’m having difficulty with the codes because of many errors.
I recently stumbled upon the Squid Proxy server. Does it really help build a 4G proxy server with proxies that work on Jarvee?
After having tried for so long, any insights from you will really help me at this point since you are using the Squid proxy server setup.
Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile: