Does anyone have a "Similar Accounts" Scraper for IG?

Hey guys,

I am looking for a simple scraper that can scrape the whole list of similar accounts of another account.

Does anyone has something like this?

How exactly are you hoping for them to find, source and scrape what you consider to be similar accounts? Suggested Users is one obvious way of sourcing similar accounts, though the accounts are not always straight-up similar, and I’m sure you’re already aware of how to scrape that in software like Jarvee. How were you hoping it would work?

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Im not very experienced with scraping as I am now in the process of learning this. Yesterday I searched for some new follow sources.

Thats how I did it. I went to:

:arrow_right: tools
:arrow_right: users and hashtags
:arrow_right: suggested users
:arrow_right: typed the name of my pattern template page and then I got 80 similar pages.

I hope that helps!
Good Luck :slight_smile: