Does anyone have any experience using (or even just seeing) the new Instagram "sponsored content" tag for brands

came across this article in Adweek and was curious if anyone had used/seen this in action?

Do you think this will be come the de facto standard for influencer posts?

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Maybe it’s related to this: FTC Tells Paid ‘Influencers’ to Disclose When Instagram Posts Are #Ads ?


Thank you @mcstutter for sharing this link. I’ve not seen it yet but did notice that some influencers are using the location tag spot which shows up under the name to write the name of the sponsorship.

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definitely related lol

I think your question is about when a influencer post shows on the top in was sponsored by a brand, right? This happens when the brand makes the ad under that influencer’s account via facebook ad deshboard.

How does that work? Does the account owner give them access to do that? Or what exactly?

I’ve seen it.

It will become de facto standard as soon as the FTC starts prosecuting some influencers for not disclosing their relationship with brands.