Does anyone have SMMA courses?

Im wondering if anyone has courses from iman ghazi or even sam ovens. Is it even worth it to pay for the full course?

never. you can get all info for free. Here on this forum.


totally agree with dma0245. In the beginning I have also watched these courses. Actually hardly any value in them. Best is to research here in the forum and try things for yourself. What works and what doesn’t work is in constant change.

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Just out of curiosity: did you see explicitly courses from Sam Ovens and would you say that these are not worth the money?
Thank you for your opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

@SkinnyGirl no these ones I don’t know. Just gave up on courses after I have seen some. Might be wrong tho.

Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator 2018

this one or you mean some other ?

Sam Ovens

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Okay, thanks for your fast reply @Larsometer

I think there are indeed a lot of courses that are just a f******* scam / a rip-off. But likely there are some “gems” :gem:. Just hard to determine which one is a “gem”…

Anyone ever hard of this guy BILLY GENE (who has 120k followers on IG, but is also offering marketing courses)?

Thank youu my man appreciate it

It says no access

yup the one you mentioned

I went through Sam ovens 7 day free trial and personally i found the information to be valuable

then you are going to love his uplevel course! Really good one

lol, why are you trying to resell for such a high price

Dude you can get everything for free why are you reselling something that isn’t yours. Reported

coz, nobody can afford a low price… Lol :joy:

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Oh… “Reported” If I’m giving these for free then ?

You’re not giving for free… Is against the rules, if you want to sell something is in marketplace.
And again you broke 2 rules selling outside marketplace and selling something that isn’t yours

You should have watched the courses and make money out of the content, not by selling the courses :joy:

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