Does anyone have the new john crestani course and/or matt smith snapvertising course, or any good clickbank courses for free?

i was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get some of the newest courses for free such as the snapvertising or john crestani course, I just wanted to see if I could learn a little bit more and also see what is the big deal with those courses and if there is any courses that is for clickbank and how to get sales with 100% free traffic

man i dont know what are these course’s content but I could say one thing:
there is no secret formula in this field.
There is just hard work. I think no theory will beat practice and experience. There are lots of golden nuggets for free on the forums, etc if you are just willing to apply…

I read these forums and learn a lot, that’s why I said I just wanted to see why they are so big and so much and to see what I am missing lol

there’s no harm to learn from other sources and even im disapointed each time i watch a paid course that i got for free im still interested tho and i would like to get my hand on john’s course too

Interested too.