Does anyone here work with email marketing?

If so, tell me which tool you are currently using?

If you are just starting out keep it simple and make a free mailchimp account. Once you get the hang of things and get 1000+ subscribers look into upgrading to getresponse or aweber.


I already use an open source tool to mautic is an excellent tool does not need to pay monthly fees is a kind of email marketing wordpress!

My question is more for the reason of indicating another very good tool that I found a few days ago that can send up to 5 thousand messages for free and use all the tools available until it reaches 5 thousand contacts!

Many people are starting out and I know that not paying bills in the beginning helps a lot!

You have the option to use their platform in this link too!

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Hi guys! I wanna ask you is email marketing is a bit similar as Dropship? I mean , on email marketing when you start off , you build your reputation , you gain more and more subscribers on your email and the more people you gain the more you can earn? Same with DS , you start on ebay , you build positive feedback and then you sell more and more? Could anyone give me a link to any article where I can read all clearly about email marketing? Thank you a lot!

Hi, see if this helps you!
Free Email Marketing Course!

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