Does anyone know anything about Vero?

Are you sure? Vero claims to have over 1 million users. That is more than this forum…

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oh nevermind i think i mixed something up. It was . 1m Is still low amount though but i would love to see it pop so we could jump in

Hey! Are you a leader or a follower? :smiley: I advice you to make 100 accounts today!

I am sure they do not have algorithms for fighting spam yet…

Yea i will create an AI shop and in 50 years when vero will be huge and AI will be a thing oh man. Self made billionaire ha ha

Vero is not so bad! 1 million is 1 million… If you are able to make 1000 accounts you can rule that network.

Maybe even 100 is already enough.

If you can follow 1000 a day you need only 10 days with 100 accounts.

yeaa man about that… i don’t want to be that one skeptical fuck but man. 1m users is nothing these days. Instagram pages that has 1-2mil followers in A NICHE not even broad users. Users that are most likely would be loving the products in that niche and one could buy a shoutout for 150-250$ … yea i just don’t see potential just yet. But i agree you have a point

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so i did some checks about their spam security system and u can basically like as many posts after another as u want…

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i’m just gonna leave this article that I read some time ago about this app…

Since when is paid a bad thing?
Whatsapp wanted the 99 cents per year business model before being bought.
I always prefer to pay upfront, instead of wondering what shady stuff they’re tracking so they optimize ads.

With all of that said, Vero is pretty bad. And it’s pretty funny how the people who made a career on the back of Instagram giving them exposure, are promoting this shit tier alternative, because they’re mad that Instagram is (naturally) a lot more competitive nowadays.

And later, if they charge $9 per month, you see your 1,000 accounts for $100 (less than a year of their fees) because yours are free for ever… and you make $100,000. Even if I’m 50% wrong, it’s worth the effort if you have some free time :slight_smile:


Heard the founder was an a**hole, mistreating his employees and underpaying them…

The thing I thought was funny was that they claim their platform can’t have any bots. How do they think they would actually be able to enforce that?

By the way, maybe not bots, but the first 2 minutes I spent on Vero, I already saw people with a fake The Rock and Ronaldo pages trying to build followers spamming secret prize at 2k followers

Every platform is worth exploring though, and especially in its infancy like this when you can easily take advantage of the inexperienced tech.

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there is already quite some people trying to build their audience botting…if it grows i might try to though but honestly i don’t like vero design sucks, and i can’t see the benefit

There is more than only that. Ofcourse we here are busy with Instagram in a different way. But as a user I do not like Instagram anymore. Before Facebook took over I could scroll the timeline to the bottom and be sure that I saw all posts from friends. If I look now I miss most of that. Add to that that my timeline is overloaded with ads. For me the fun of it is gone.

In the past I viewed my complete timeline from top to bottom every day. Now I look maybe once a week. And feel sad after that.


yeah i feel like there is a good time for a new social network, one with a good design a nicer timeline and one that doesn’t feel like its spying on you… just don’t think vero is that one.


agree interface is not the best

Here’s an article based on what Vero is and how it works! - spam link deleted

Seems pretty dead at the moment, no a lot of engagement, and the major problem is that you can’t really send a direct link to your profile to promote it.

Is this your site you’re promoting?.. Doesn’t really say anything about Vero. Here’s the actual link that explains Vero:

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