Does anyone know anything about Vero?

I just signed up for Vero after reading an article about it being the new Instagram. Does anyone know anything about it? I’m so done with Instagram

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Every article is a piece of PR.

Good luck :wink:


True but I have noticed a few people I know on there so it gives me hope

I doubt it will hold.

This is an excerpt from a tweet of theirs “…ensure they get Vero free for life.” This is for their first million downloads. I’m assuming this means a paid platform later on which won’t fly.

And I was right after further research:


That puts them in the business model that the majority is not willing pay. Adds no benefit for the end users as a whole. Translated, who the hell wants to pay when other services are free?


Especially when there is an already free fully established thing called Instagram. They’d have to pay us to use it basically.

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Well you know what they say, “If it’s free then you are the product”. So perhaps people are willing to try a new network that you openly pay for, instead of paying through it by censorship, ads and data mining your personal info. Although, no matter what vero says they will do it anyways.


Either way @wortime & @Alexnvo, I signed up so I will let you know if anything looks intriguing haha.


“We are experiencing higher than normal load. We are working to resume normal service as soon as possible.”

I guess posting about them here got their servers down :joy:


Just went to the website and read a little - Funny thing - I think they go after the 20-30 crowd because no middle school nor high school kids going to pay. However, the public demands free. We are so tired of paying another subscription fee here and there.


Tell me about it. I paused my dollar shave club subscription and they got me anyway. Largest tragedy since no toilet paper on the roll.


But Dollar Shave Club provides you with a discounted service. So not really a bad subscription.


No its, not. I recommend them if you actually shave. However, if you decide to go on a beard trend it gets a bit iffy. One thing I will mention however, even though it is off topic, the razors themselves don’t last very long. So, technically I’m not really sure if its worth it. Each lasted around a week I believe. All together the razors which are four i think cost around $10. Name brand at the store are around twenty. I haven’t really done the math but the Dr. Carvers shave butter is killer.

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Exactly, I counted and every 7th post on my feed is sponsored on my Instagram surly people will get fed up with it. I need Instagram and make my living mainly through it but I welcome any competitors

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I wonder if the days of new social startups growing as Instagram and Snapchat gone? Now companies have billions in pockets and can copy them as Facebook did with Instagram to snapchat. Social Media might have grown out of the baby stage and into slow growth - AOL, Myspace has gone so to speak. Business cycles as other industries but in the pace that is much faster. Any new medium has a steep hill to climb as no users are really loyal to one set. Google, even with billions at disposale could really not make a dent into the Facebook world - hmmm…


Google+ sucked to be fair.

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well since i installed it i constantly get messages about who of my friends just joined and its quite a lot, so it seems to be on the rise

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I would pay for an IG without ads and with the old chronological timeline…


Me too I really hope it takes off but I am finding it confusing :smirk:

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if it takes off then we can talk money but now it’s not even close to even looking like social media. There are blogs that generate 2x more traffic than this website generates. P.s this forum is actually bigger then vero

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