Does anyone know how to engage non-active followers?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know of a way or if it is possible to scan the people following my account?

Find out amongst those who have posted in the last week for me to automate engagement with those accounts? For example, like their images?

I have a large following on IG around 150k but my audience barely sees my posts, I only get roughly 6-10k impressions from ‘my followers’.

Is there not a way to engage highly active followers already following me? As Instagram is just not showing them my content.

Hi there,

Going live is a great way to re-engage people that follow you. Also you could think about doing giveaways, they always increase engagement, which inturn will result in more of your following seeing your content, this works simply by giving people a reason to comment/share/like the algorithm will think your content is great and therefore start showing it to more people who follow you already in their feed.

Hope that helps :+1:t2:

Hi Phil,

Thanks! I haven’t gone live yet so I could try that!

However the problem with giveaways is my post is still only being sent to a minority of my audience and that still won’t increase - I’ve tried this in the past.

I’m looking to get people that may have forgotten they follow my account because they don’t see my content anymore re-interested.

I appreciate your input!

Maybe to try to engage with them more, try liking, commenting their posts and you might attract them to check out your profile, your posts and stuff.

Hi Jaha,

The thing is I have such a large follower list. I do want to be doing that, but only with those are are highly active on the app - and I don’t know how I can find that out, which is the purpose of this thread.


You can maybe automate giving your likes, comments etc. with softwares like Jarvee. I know for a fact that Jarvee’s got option to only give likes and comments to users that have recently posted something, meaning they have been active users.

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Did you try using stories? You can check who viewed your stories and engaged with them by liking/commenting on their posts.