Does anyone knows what this means 🤔

I didn’t see this before. What did you do before you got this message? What kind of review did you requested?

i was trying to appeal through the app and it just said this

Have you ever verified your account with e-mail or phone? Seems like you may not have done that already?

yeah with both email and phone

Weird! 13 char

Is there any other thing you can do on that page? Weird stuff indeed.

try to re-verify the account by removing the email or the phone number and re-adding them and see how it goes.

Interesting, what do you see on the home tab when you’re logged into the account via the app?

I second trying to re-verify if you’re not seeing any app based confirmation message anywhere.

did you get this is right after you click Log in? I’m trying to help a friend to appeal, but we can’t find the option to request review.