Does auto instagram post sharing hurt engagement?

Hello guys! This is my first topic and I am wondering something.
I started to use "Later"app for auto post sharing. Normally instagram doesn’t let auto sharing for most of the apps as we know.
I planned only 2 posts and shared automatically. But this posts insights are really low. Normally my posts gets more interaction with hashtags and takes more like first one hour.
I am wondering that does this cause of this auto sharing or app? Or is it just a coincidence?

This is very interesting topic. I am currently testing this out but I can’t provide any concrete data yet.

I am checking it too and please let me know!


I do not see any reason why using Later should affect your stats as they are an official instagram partner

I would imagine using software that was not approved by IG might.

Did you posts at the times you usually post (and have the most engagement) or was this at unusual times for your audience?

Also, what did you post? Is it content that usually gets high engagement?


As @Ilobi say is an official partner. So no that will no affect your engagement. There must be something different about this particular post.

Try it out a couple more times and I’m sure you’ll figure it out. But it’s not “Later” fault

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Even as an “official partner” of Instagram, Instagram can easily detect posts made by the software. They leave a huge fingerprint.

That’s not to say that reach is actually lowered or not. But if true, then Instagram could “whitelist” the servers and posts would continue as normal.

Instagram is a company and needs to always make a profit, so there is no reason for them to allow full reach for any reason.

Keep us posted about your findings.


As far as I am aware, using 3rd party software to automate posting does NOT reduce reach in any way (unless there are other factors in play - eg: IG thinks you’re spamming). I’ve used a ton of softwares, both before and after Insta allowed us to post via their API and have not seen any evidence that points towards this.

What other changes have you done on your account over the last few days? Did you change up your hashtags or posting times? See your analytics and see which part of your impressions you’ve lost - is it the ones coming from “Home” or “Profile” or ones coming from “others”?

I have a very specific niche and basically i am sharing only my designs and tattoos. I know my audience and designing and sharing similar things.
I created this topic because there was no weird activity or difference on account. Here is the insights of two post; one of them without app and other auto sharing.
Also i shared 4 photo with this app and the outcome was same.

Just looks like you randomly ranked better on your hashtags. I don’t think there is any other difference here…