Does being tagged by legit accounts improve your trust score?

Lets say someone with a perfect trust score tags you in a photo. Does your account get any points from this?

Gaining trust points will depend on your activity not on getting tagged by people.

seems like a good question, but i don’t think so, trust scores are built from a lot of factors, actions, IP’s…etc if you have a USA IP and you actions are safe and looking natural the account trust score will be much high than a lot of countries.

Can people reporting you once in a while affect your trust score, even eif the reports have no merit?

Yeah sure thing. I’ve heard some users have used that strategy to make harm to their business competitors.

Of course that’s why you find so many people complaining about fake blocks and stuff, if you are in a competitive niche your competitors are going to be the ones that report you using fake accounts.

But that doesn’t make any sense at all. I thought a report would only have any relevance to IG if it was proven legit. If i didn’t break any rules and someone reported me, why should that matter?

your frustration is understood, but take youtube for an example you might be posting a normal video nothing offensive but a user might dislike the video and report it as inappropriate just for the sake of it, youtube will take that in consideration even if you did no break any rules and that’s the case with most social platforms.