Does contextual actions increase API Calls

Hey! I have noticed that even when I use specific sources and no filters my scrapers still do a lot of api calls (thousands a day) and have seen other people with far less.

So I am wondering if using mostly contextual actions uses a lot of api calls?

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I usually export the API call to CSV file to check which action that using API call much. But I am not sure that I understand all of these log files.

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I ve heard contextual takes API calls but didn’t knew that much API calls.

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I can’t tell whats doing the calls from the logs. But I’m lowering them a lot and testing to see. Atm the api calls seem a lot lower already

the contextual actions even in EB, do an unusual activity in the main account, and increase the chances of PV / Temp Block, I read in a Facebook group … I’m not sure, but I disabled

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Oh true. I may test some without them and see if theres a difference

I never get pv etc doing contextual actions but my scrapers are getting hit with lots of api calls with specific sources so I’m thinking it is adding something

API calls are necessary for the main account to do actions even if you already provided the sources’ the main account still needs to do API calls hence the scarpers take care of that.