Does contexual actions use scrapers?

I am new to using specific users as a source, but am trying it to avoid my scrapers being murdered.

Does contextual actions use scrapers and Api call?
Want to avoid scrapers being used as much as possible.

Is Use only EB checked on the main accounts and you have these options unchecked?

based on my test, it looks like my main account made fewer API Calls when the contextual actions is unchecked. I use API on the account.

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if you are using the following option (see below) the scrapers will be used for all scraping stuff whether you are using context or not

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thanks. Will uncheck, does that mean specific sources still get scraped? Does it put my main accounts at harm if I take the option away?

I’m using specific users, no contexual actions and my scrapers are still dying and getting high api calls.

Yeah those are unchecked

I was just explaining the option that will ensure a global scraping using scrapers, you should not uncheck that option because that is what keeps your scraper doing the API calls and scraping in general.

you shouldn’t be that concerned about the scrapers what you should protect is the main account, the slaves’ accounts are disposable but not the main account.

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Its more the expenses. Burning through 100 or more scrapers a day is costly. I thought specific users would make it better, but it didn’t help. Even tried using manually created accounts and they still died. Ig is going nuts atm.

Any suggestions?

The reason for your scrapers constantly dying is the quality accounts creation and proxies use. I used to have those issues until I decided to create my slaves with high quality 4G or Residential proxies. Most scrapers sold on the internet are made with low quality proxies and emails. IG will allow those accounts to survive for a days/week and then request PV/EMail verification. Short after IG will closed them. Find a way to create quality accounts or your see your money drained in the hundreds my friend, good luck

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I think you have to look into your setting and experiment
I run 2000+ scrapers across 5 servers and only get 5-30 deaths per day and 50-100 on a really bad day

Good luck!

I have homemade scrapers that are mad myself with 4G and real sims, they still die just as fast. I only use 2:1 ratio though