Does creating videos directly into the TikTok app help to avoid 0 views problem

so i’ve found out that tiktok algorithm can block you from getting views if you film not in the tiktok video editor. anyone agree?

Hello @phi_qup,

This is not true, I only film my tiktoks outside of the app, and have received good results from it. I made a tiktok that got 2.7million views, and multiple 50+k view videos by filming and editing outside the app. If you are getting 0 views, there is something with the content itself, or an activity that you have done that is causing your issue.


Agreed. Completely a myth. Plenty of repost accounts do well

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A lot of TT users get their contents from YT, and edit them using an app outside TT and they still can get thousands views.

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100% Youtube, Instagram, Dubsmash etc