Does DC proxies still work for scrapers?

Tried 4G proxies for scraping— 5 accounts simultaneously, in the end, they’re all died within 5-7 days. Then out of curiosity, I tried using DC proxy, to my surprise it works better than the 4G proxies. Some of them are actually still alive even after 1 month+, but some also died fast enough.

Bottom line is it’s not stable.

What’s your thoughts? Does DC proxies still work for scrapers?

If so, do you have any recommendations for DC proxy suppliers for IG.

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You might want to reduce your actions/day, or see if your proxies aren’t shared. Also, rotating the IP would help :slight_smile:

DC proxies would work too, it’s just a matter of “flag” or “not flagged”.

@denis1 long time no see haha!

Yeah smaller api calls on scrapers plus the accounts need to be HQ.

DC seems to work if you don’t have a lot of the same subnets. The more subnets you have that are the same, the more issues you may get.


Yeah I come here from time to time, still :slight_smile: But less animated than it used to be, you will agree ehe

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Where you have an open sales thread? :thinking: