Does deleting/Archiving a big amount of posts hurt engagement?

Ever since I started to delete/archive old post my ER starts to tank, not sure if its related to that…

I feel like in bulk, it can come off as spammy in Instagram’s eyes. So maybe it could affect your ER. Not 100% sure though.

Have you started archiving/deleting posts before or after your page’s name and content change?
Everything together might have lead to a noticeable drop, when each change on it’s own probably wouldn’t have.

After the page’s content change. So yeah I believe it’s a combined reasons too, so it’s kind hard to figure out which one caused the most harm

I was deleting and archiving like 30 posts per day manually. I really didn’t think this would trigger anything

I have never experienced that even when deleting more than 100 posts very quickly, are you sure you did not do anything else that might cause that drop?

Besides deleting and archiving I also changed type of content. However when I start to post my regular content again the ER is still down, I get way less high quality comments too

How long were you posting the changed content? If it was a long period of time and people weren’t engaging, your posts are probably showing lower on their feeds. It will take time to reverse this

I’ve only been posting the changed content for a week, and 2 days ago i started to post my regular content again and it still tanked

and here you go, that’s probably the cause of that drop and as Powerlifter said it will take some back until things get back to normal.

ok, so basically posting a new type of content for a week ranked me down my followers feed? How long would it be for things to get back to normal as I plan to completely change my feed in a week, like deleting every old post and start to post new (still the same niche content).

Depends. You could engage with your followers (especially with those who used to engage with your content) on their posts and stories for a bit to get back on their radar. Lots of people happily return the favour if you like and comment, and getting into their DMs through story interaction might help too.

If you really want to convert your page, I wouldn’t switch back to your old content now, if that’s what you mean with regular content. You could alternate for a while and slowly increase the amount of your new content.

Thank you for the insights! Yeah I’m really trying to make my posts rank up in the feed again, guess it’ll take some patience. Also should I try to avoid posting too much? I was posting 1 post a day and I think I should probably decrease the amunt.