Does Engagement affect next posts?

Likes,comments,save,shares… All of that to get the best out of them we have to TEST quality content,timing… But when talking about best time to post we all know that we can know it only with business account and when you see what happen to your reach when you do it you vetter stay personnal .

So my question is how can i know the best time to post knowing that if i just start posting randomly at any time to figure out the best i can get reach and eg trouble as it will affect my next posts if the timing is not right

Check the most active times if you are a business account. In that case post at the START of the active times. Not the most active time a day.

Same goes for personal profile although it’s a little more of a ‘guess’

This is from my own personal experience. I’ve tested both multiple times

Haha what do you mean by guess ? Guess will just lead to ending your reach the more you post on bad times =less engagement=less reach on next post and it will be a loop just because of the guess

The only thing i see i can do is see whenmy competitor posts and when they get the most engagement so when i target their follower i know when that at that time surely it’s one of the peak time

Guessing by trial and error. Or just by knowing when your followers seem more active. If it’s country specific you can post around 4pm or so in the afternoon ( after work, kids out of school, … )

Testing is not the problem it’s what comes after that makes me skeptical

I’m confused by your replies, what else are you missing?

Just find your most active moment (or start of active moment) either by business stats or trial and error and then stick with it?

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Testing = potential low engagement because of bad timing = affecting next posts reach

Testing and practice is mother of perfection i know that but the risks are very heavy if you just guess today you post 4:Pm don’t work you post at 8:pm you go with a disadvantage because your engagement was low due to bad timing you understand?

Then you’ll have to do research to who your audience is and what locations. Then go from there. Dont expect your reach to be 0 if you post on a less active moment. IG isnt being that bad …

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I know they will not totally.end your reach they are still not on the boss level #Facebook haha
But still it will cause problems to your next post imagine if you have a pretty decent content who can have big potential to go viral buy just because of timing reach was cut and so not everyone see it so nothing happens

Also, dont expect to go viral just cause your content is top. IG isnt that nice either …

Haha it’s just supposition i just gived example i know it depends on many things…

Don’t overcomplicate things. The most active time for almost every account is late afternoon / early evening. More important is that your content is on point and you have an engaging community / following. Instagram will show your post to a small audience to test how the post performances. Based on that it will show it to more people. So it’s not about a time frame of only 5 minutes where the post has its max potential.

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That what i wanted to know thanks bro but what about the effect on next posts

And for the small first audience that see the content how the algorithm do it ? Does it send it to your more engaged follower or just who are connected ?

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No one will be able to tell you as it’s IG algo that decides about this. If we knew that we would be going viral one after the other.

Same like with the blocks and proxies. Test and see how it reacts to it. That’s my opinion. I think you’re looking for an exact answer no one knows and everyone would love to know.

Of course posts are effecting each other but when you look at accounts which have posts that went viral, you will notice that there are big fluctuations in the engagament on the posts. So I think every post has a new chance to get a good amount of reach.

Yeah, we can’t tell how it works exactly because we just know the output of the algorithm instead of the input.

I assume it works kind of like this:

*Instagram shows your post to group 1:
*Engagament: good => continue group 2
*Engagement: bad => no more group or small one

*Instagram shows your post to group 2:
*Engagament: good => group 3
*Engagement: bad => no more group or small one

*Instagram shows your post to group 3:
*Engagament: good => group 4
*Engagement: bad => no more group or small one

Note: This is just an assumption and I’m 100% sure its a lot more complex with all the mechanics and data they have.

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Also, it could be very possible that it’s overrated to post at active times because Instagram hasn’t a chronological timeline anymore.

Let’s say you post in the mid of the night where not that much people are active but 100 people see your post and 80 of them like + 8 comment. Pretty sure Instagram would smash such a post on the top of the Newsfeed of a lot of followers. And as long it’s relevant for a user the top posts in the news feed can be posted a lot of hours ago.

I think it’s more about the percentage of the engaging users who saw the post => which decides about relevance => which decides about reach.

Yeah i agree with you on that we can’t know everything about the algorithm but we can guess based on people and our experience

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