Does everyone that has bulk accounts really buy dot coms?

I saw a few ppl here say don’t buy cheap domains. If you have 100 accounts and use different domains such as dot coms there is no way you are paying $10 for each of those, especially if that account gets banned in a month then you are stuck with a paid dot com for 11 months that you can’t use.

If you make $10, you break even. Anything more is a plus. Besides, who says you can’t use it for anything else outside of MP or even another social network it’s not banned in with MP?

That’s if u make $10 but I guess. I’m not making crap so its too rich for me…

Those who suggested dot coms are not running spam campaigns. The domain needs to have it’s worth so if youre pushing low paying offers then it will not break even. But they run long term so its a good investment. I have yet to find any interest in running clean campaigns but its worth a shot.

so you buy 88 cent domains too then?

I don’t see any real significant CTR increase using dot coms versus long term benefits.