Does Facebook now ban creating accounts in mobile phone?

Can I create 1 more account from my IP address in my mobile phone? I did not create any account for 8 months. No accounts were banned from my IP address. I plan to use my IP address and I clear cookies all the time. I will register my phone number and add e-mail later. I plant to use mobile phone for 2 weeks and then use computer.

It seems recent posts that this method does not work because Facebook updated its system.

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You need 4g proxies.

If you’ve created the last account for 8 months from your phone I don’t think you should have any problems with creating one more.

Just make it and don’t stress about it :slight_smile: It’s your regular phone so FB knows everything they need about you already :smiley:

yeah, I don’t think you will have any problems doing that just make sure to keep everything as natural as possible, don’t start with aggressive actions. 4g proxy will be a good choice as well.

One more account is fine. I did the same thing. Since then I have been switching between my accounts on my phone, and I never have any issues with it.

Maybe it can be done. But I still want to warn you about your IP address being exposed on the platform. Then the platform will ban your accounts because of the same IP connected with your two accounts. So in this situation I suggest you to use antidetect browser like AdsPower to prevent your personal information such as IP, device, geolocation from being recognized by the platform.