Does facebook still do friend photo verification?

We can’t see the photos of some people even if we are friends with them… For those friends does fb just show current profile image? And it’s impossible to recognize a friend if the presented image is some quote or similar bs… so do they only use images that their software recognised as having faces on the image? Seems like a flaved system, so I was wondering if they are still using it?

I’m not sure what you mean but Facebook always ask me friends photo verification every time they disable my account. It is convenient for me as it’s easy to answer using the friends backup module. So I guess facebook still do friend verification. Let me know if you are referring to something else

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Yes they do use this method. Had to use it on one of my accounts…

My friends usually have around hundred photos, a dozen of profile photos they used during whole life time of their fb account, so does on verification screen facebook only show profile photos or timeline photos as well? Do we only need to backup profile photos?

MP will backup the photo in the Photo tab of your facebook account. It will be your task to identify the person in the image and the image facebook is showing you. Facebook will not use the profile image when showing you the friends photo.

You can take a look at this topic to learn more about the module that @euhero referring to works: [Method] How to bypass Facebook friends verification

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