Does fake(bought) followers affect % of audience

Hi guys I have a question for those who are a bit experienced with fake(bought) followers. My question is, if you buy bought followers from smm panel for an account , does it changes the % of audience? Or if these followers are bought, % of audience stays as it is? Let me know!

The % audience sets from location and gender?

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if you have a million plus account that never bought followers and then pumped in a few thousand, say below 50k – it won’t matter. The reach is a small percentage even tho it is big.
Say you have a 100k and pumped in 5k or so, yes it will effected in two areas.

  1. more followers, less reach on home ( effecting viral capability)
  2. Those fakes never engage, reducing TRUE er in the short term and long term of the post.

Bad news all around unless all your client cares for are follower counts and don’t give a damn about ER


If i buy instagram account with 500 followers, or have mine with lets say 300. Followers are usa mostly, all genuine gained with follow/unfollow or other legit method.

And then lets say i buy 10k bought followers for them and 10k are added in 1 day or so. Will it change the % of audience? If it was lets say 90% of usa, so will it change it to lets say 20% usa with fake cheap bought followers?

Thats my question! Im not talking about the big accounts. Im talking about buying followers for small accounts. Thanks!

Why? So you can resell a fake account?

its because some of my partners asked me this question who would be willing to spend big $$$ for bulk orders if fakes doesnt change anything so im testing all possible variants.

It will kill the account


It will almost certainly change the percentage unless the purchased followers match your existing percentage, which is a 1/100000000 chance, really. There may still be providers offering fake USA followers, that’s your only shot here.

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