Does Following Hashtags do anything?

Hey Guys!
I’ve been seeing some Instagram Accounts that follow niche-specific hashtags that they would also use in their posts.
I believe the idea behind that is to categorize their account inside of that niche.
Does that work or does anybody here have any experience in this and does it do anything other then show you content in that niche?


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yes that is a good method to be used and it works especially when you are trying to rank within a hashtag, you can test it on few accounts and see how it goes.

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Are you sure? do you have any experience with this?

yes, I did that on a few accounts and got decent results but as you know things are different from one account to another that is why i said you should test and see how it goes.

I tried with an account having no followings yet (only following hashtags) and it does not make a difference for me. Not sure if I’m doing anything wrong or…

it doesn’t even affect the content on my Explore page

I rarely use hashtag when it comes to growing my accounts. Oftentimes, I directly follow people who are in line with my niche. But you may check out this guide here. Might help. The 2020 Instagram Hashtag Guide—How to Use Them and Get Results


I am usually targeting users that are following a certain hashtag. It helps me to target users that are close to my niche.

you won’t be able to see a difference when using brand new account, you should try with old ones and see how it goes.

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